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youdare is a social network for real life challenges. Play 6 unique characters. Create your own dares and challenge your friends.

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I dare you
Acquire new skills, gain experience, accomplish your goals or just be yourself.

Your life is a sea of endless possibilities. As you grow and change, you have infinite paths to choose from and multiple roles to play. Only you can decide how to live your life.

Get to know the world around you by exploring at every opportunity. The earth has 7 continents, 196 countries and 7 billion people. Where will you go? Who will you meet? How far will you venture out of your comfort zone?

With youdare, your life becomes limitless. Take on dares from the role of an engineer, artist, globetrotter, athlete or mingler and complete them in your real life.

Create you own dares and challenge yourself, your friends or even the world. Then upload your proof as a picture or video and inspire others to follow your footsteps.

Real Life Challenges
Acquire new skills, gain experience, accomplish your goals or just be yourself.


Choose from 6 different characters, create your own challenges and dare your friends

Do it in Real Life

Accomplish your challenge in the real world.


Simply complete your dare by uploading a picture or video.

“All the world’s a stage,
and all the men and women merely players”
William Shakespeare








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Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 01.12.2013

Thank you for your interest in youdare. The following terms and conditions of use contain the basic rules whose abidance by is prerequisite for the MINGLEMIND AG (in the following “MINGLEMIND”, “We”) to grant you access to youdare. Before using your services you must read, understand and agree with the following terms and conditions of use as well as our privacy policy.

1. Agreement to the Terms of Use

Please carefully read the following terms and conditions of use (“the Agreement”). Your use of any component of our service youdare (in the following “youdare”) constitutes your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of use.

For a contractual use you are required to open an account that will register you (“user”, “you”). If you fully or in parts use our service without complying by this contractual obligation you are still bound by the following terms and conditions of use.


2. Updating of the Agreement

MINGLEMIND reserves the right to modify, amend, or update the Agreement at any time. Modifications will be announced through email, through a pop-up when accessing the account or through a pop-up when visiting a homepage as user recognisable as such for MINGLEMIND. The modifications will be accessible through a link.

The user has the right to terminate the Agreement if he disagrees with the announced modifications. The continuation or commencement of usage constitutes your agreement with the terms and conditions.

3. Conditions of Participation


3.1 Youdare is an online service provided by MINGLEMIND AG, which allows the user to take, offer or agree to challenges (“Dares”).

3.2 With his participation at the game the user does not enter into any contractual obligations towards MINGLEMIND, to agree to Dares, offer them or to actually perform the tasks required by the Dares. Not offering any Dares or not performing a task required by a Dare that was offered by youdare or another user, will only effect his experience points within the game but will not have any further negative consequences. With the participation in the game the user agrees to the rules of the game and all terms and conditions of use.

3.3 All costs incurring by users through the usage of youdare or the execution of the Dares as well as the execution of tasks resulting from Dares are paid by the user. MINGLEMIND does not bear any of these costs.

4. Access to youdare

The use of youdare requires an account. This account is free of charge for users. The user bears all expenses incurring by using the internet or accessing other services.

The services offered by youdare are for persons of 14 years or older. Subject to different legal regulations of your country of residence, minors may use an account opened by their legal agents with the consent of the agent.

In the case that the legal agents allow or under violation of their obligatory supervision enable their children under age to use a youdare account, they agree to the Agreement on their own behalf and on behalf of the minor. They assure that they take full responsibility for any use of the account by the minor.

5. User License

Subject to the following conditions MINGLEMIND grants the right to use youdare personally and exclusively for private purposes of entertainment. The following licensing agreement applies:

5.1 This license is limited to non-profit use; the shared use with a third party, not holding a license, is prohibited.

5.2 The license is not transferable; sublicensees cannot be issued. There is no exclusivity; MINGLEMIND may at all times issue the same or similar licenses to other persons.

5.3 Every use of youdare in violation of the licensing agreement, is an infringement of MINGLEMINDS’s copyright.

5.4 The use of one’s youdare account by a third party is prohibited.

5.5 It is prohibited to disturb or assist in the disturbance of processors installed as servers which are used to support our services in the broadest sense. This is especially the case if this is intended to influences or disturb the use of our services by other users.


6. User Account

6.1 Only individuals with full legal capacity, i.e. are at least 18 years old, are allowed to create and use an account. Corporations or associations of individuals are not allowed to create or use an account. Individuals who are not 18 but at least 14 years old may participate if their legal agent agrees to create an account. Has a person been banned from using youdare, he or she may neither create or use an own account nor use the account of a third person. Through your consent to this Agreement you assure and guarantee that you meet those requirements and that you will not grant anybody access to youdare through your account. You will especially not give access to people that are banned from youdare. MINGLEMIND reserves the right to take all necessary means to prevent a usage in violation of these conditions.

6.2 In order to create an account and to verify the users eligibility it is required to provide certain personal data, at least the name and email address. This data is subject to the separate private policy. You agree to provide MINGLEMIND with true and accurate information and to maintain and promptly update your information.

6.3 With the creation of an account users choose a username and a password. This login data is to be treated confidentially; the user is liable for any use of the login data including the conclusion of legal contracts through the usage of this data. This does not apply as far as precluded by law. The user is especially liable if he obtains knowledge of an infringement of his or her data or if such an infringement is likely because loss, theft or another occurrence gives rise to the presumption of misconduct.

6.4 MINGLEMIND reserves the right to authorise the use of certain foreign user interfaces and to agree to exceptions from the licensing agreement or to modify these terms and conditions of use as required.

Modifications of the terms and conditions of use will be announced by MINGLEMIND through email, through pop-up when using the account or visiting the homepage.

7. Termination

7.1 Every user has the right to terminate his or her participation in youdare at any time. In the user settings the user can delete the account registered under his name at any time.

7.2 If an account has not been used for over 6 month, MINGLEMIND has the right to delete it. MINGLEMIND is obliged to warn the user of the impending deletion if the account is not reactivated. This warning has to be performed twice at intervals of 3 weeks via email. This may be an automated, not individualised email.

7.3 With the deletion of the account all data of immanent relationships as well as immanent contents are erased. Every claim against MINGLEMIND resulting from the participation in youdare is precluded as far as legally possible.

7.4 MINGLEMIND reserves the right to terminate the user account at anytime and without giving reason. An ordinary cancellation is possible at any time to the extent permitted by law otherwise with a time of 1 month effective to the end of a quarter of a year. An extraordinary cancellation is possible when the user violates the provisions of this Agreement or other rules that apply between MINGLEMIND and the user. In the case of an extraordinary cancellation, MINGLEMIND reserves the right to immediately lock the user’s account, to delete it and to resort to all legal technical, judicial and extrajudicial means in order to prevent the further usage or the creation of a new account by this user. If it turns out that the user has committed serious violations against this Agreement or against the laws or has attempted to create an account for his purposes in violation of this Agreement, he bears the costs of the proceedings.

MINGLEMIND reserves the right to promptly cancel the further usage and to proceed in the described way if the account as been misused for the commission of a criminal act, especially libel, defamation, sedition, Holocaust denial, glorification of crimes or the distribution of national socialist symbols.

8. Software Updates

8.1 Youdare is subject to ongoing development that regularly does not encompass any specific technical consequences for the user, because they are effective through usage of the server and on the server. Exempted from this are updates for current, commonly used software for operating systems, internet browser and new depictions. It is not precluded that certain applications on the computer of the user have certain technical requirements which when not met may lead to youdare not being usable at all or in parts. MINGLEMIND shall not be responsible for any loss of data following an update of youdare.

8.2 As far as an update of the software on the computer of a user is required for certain applications, this will be announced through email, pop-up when using the account or when accessing a website of MINGLEMIND. The user will be asked to download the respective update; MINGLEMIND is not responsible as far as permissible by law for any damages following the update as long has the damages are not a result of intentional or grossly negligent action of MINGLEMIND.

9. Property rights

9.1 All services related to youdare, including title, computer code, themes, objects, characters, slogans, concepts, graphics, animations, sounds, compositions, personal rights, documentations, recordings, repeatings of the client software, the user account and the server software are copyrighted property of MINGLEMIND and its licensers. MINGLEMIND reserves all rights related to youdare especially the exclusive right to produce products derived from or related to youdare.

The user is obliged to abstain from production of any works and products derived from or related to youdare, if not expressly stated so in this or other official rules of MINGLEMIND.


9.3 The “user content” comprises any notifications, pictures, videos, sounds and other material and information the user uploads or transfers through a client or his account, as well as those uploaded or transferred by other users, including all chat messages. Not comprised in this is all personal information outlined by the privacy policy of MINGLEMIND. The user hereby grants MINGLEMIND a payment-free, indefinite, irrevocable, world-wide, non-exclusive license including the right to issue sub licenses to third parties, as well as the right to copy, process, scale, translate, create derivative products, publish or grant electronic access to the user content in original or in modified form. As far as authorised by applicable laws the user hereby refrains from all personal and copy rights that may exist in relation to the user content.

9.4 MINGLEMIND has the right to collect usage data for the purpose of deriving statistical and demographical information about the users of youdare. Collection and processing of usage data must happen in anonymized form. The results and the underlying data will be attributable neither to the account of the user nor to his personal data.

9.5 If MINGLEMIND receives knowing of any illicit or unlawful user content, We are entitled to delete the respective content or, if necessary, block access to it. Content of that kind justifies termination of the agreement and deletion of the user account.

10. Exclusion of warranty

10.1 To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law and insofar not stated otherwise in this agreement, MINGLEMIND does not provide warranties of any kind, including, but not limited to, warranties of proper functionality, fitness for a particular purpose, presence of any particular features and properties or non-infringement. Minglemind does not guarantee any properties of youdare.

10.2 Minglemind does not guarantee full or partial accessibility of youdare via internet, that the user can access youdare, or that one or more servers are functional. Above all We do not warrant that youdare will be available at any particular time or location or from every internet connection, uninterrupted or secure or that any immediate or subsequent defects or errors will be corrected.

10.3 MINGLEMIND will contain youdare from viruses and malware by common and known means using customary software. The user obliges to protect his computer and mobile device from harmful attacks in the same way. MINGLEMIND is not liable for viruses, malware and consequential damages that are caused by the usage of youdare. We do not warrant that the data transmitted by MINGLEMIND are free of viruses and malware.

11. Limitation of liability

11.1 To the maximum extent permitted by law, MINGLEMIND is not liable in cases of malice or wanton negligence within the meaning of general provisions of damages. The terms of the German Product Liability Act remain unaffected. In cases of slight negligence MINGLEMIND is not liable when violating an essential contractual obligation of this agreement. Essential obligations are those which are necessary for the fulfilment of this agreement in the sense that violation of these obligation would jeopardise the purpose of the contract and whose compliance can principally be trusted upon by the user. In such a case of slight negligence liability of MINGLEMIND is limited to typical and foreseeable damages.

11.2 MINGLEMIND does not assume liability or responsibility for dares, and their consequences, which are arranged between users and might involve dangers for the participants of a dare. MINGLEMIND is not obliged to surveil the automated procedures running youdare to detect potential threats to the users caused by themselves or other users. Youdare is merely the medium, the playground, on which users can exchange, offer and accept dares.

MINGLEMIND is not liable for damages that result between users outside of youdare.

11.3 Within youdare, MINGLEMIND offers a pool of dares to the users, which is constantly supplemented, expanded and modified. We thoroughly pay attention that no danger for the user or other people results from conducting and finishing these dares. If such a danger results from conducting one of these challenges created by us, MINGLEMIND is not liable in cases of malice or wanton negligence, that is, if MINGLEMIND knew or had to know that, and which, danger is associated with it. If a user decides to conduct a challenge in such a way that it is associated with a danger not perceptible by MINGLEMIND, he does so at his own risk, as far as no legal provisions oppose.

11.4 MINGLEMIND does not assume liability for delay or default due to force majeure, meaning, affiliated to causes that escape control of MINGLEMIND within reasonable assessment. This includes natural calamities, terrorist attacks, embargoes, measures of civil or military authority, accidents, strikes etc.

11.5 The user obliges to indemnify MINGLEMIND from all claims that are asserted by third parties and are attributed to his use of youdare or his violation of this agreement. The same applies when the infringement is caused by the user’s behaviour being malice or wanton negligence.

11.6 If through the communication made possible within youdare a user experiences legal impairments caused by other users, MINGLEMIND issues no liability for it.

11.7 MINGLEMIND is not liable for any harm that results to advertising partners, sponsors and affiliates from users violating the rights of these or the rights of other users or the rights of third parties.

11.8 MINGLEMIND is not liable for the content of external websites, which does not accrue instantaneously from youdare. We assume no liability in particular for the content, that is accessible through secondary links directing to external websites. This applies to links communicated between users in youdare as well as for those indicated to by MINGLEMIND where legally permissible. MINGLEMIND is not obliged to continuously revise content behind links that are communicated via youdare. We are not obliged to pursue advice to harmful or illicit content and, if necessary, delete or block the links referring to such content.

12. Limitation of liability

12.1 Applicable Law. The law of the federal republic of germany shall apply. Insofar no laws oppose, the place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

12.2 Modifications. Every alteration of this agreement requires communication in written form. This also holds for the change of this very provision. It has to be signed by MINGLEMIND or published on a website of MINGLEMIND.

12.3 Demise. MINGLEMIND is entitled to transfer its legal position fully partially at any time to any natural person or corporate entity without consent of the user. If the user does not consent to the transfer, he is entitled to terminate the agreement.

The user is not entitled to transfer his legal position. Every such transfer by a user is legally void and constitutes a violation of this agreement.

12.4 Severability clause. If there are single provisions in this agreement which are totally or partially not legally effective or for any reason lose their legal effectiveness, the validity of all other provisions of this agreement remain unaffected and valid.

12.5 Scope and Range of the agreement. This agreement, including the documentations, contracts and terms referred to herein, constitute the whole agreement related to youdare between MINGLEMIND and the user and supersede any prior understandings or agreements (whether electronic, oral or written) that were exchanged between MINGLEMIND and the user regarding youdare.

12.6 Disclosures. All information the user has to convey in following this agreement shall be addressed in written form and are to be sent to the following address: MINGLEMIND AG, Freibergerstr. 39 / WTC, 01067 Dresden



Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 01.12.2013

Welcome to youdare and thank you for your interest in our social service. Youdare allows for a global connection of tasks and challenges (in the following referred to as “dares”). These so called dares can be created and accepted by any registered user. The protection of your personal data is our paramount concern. Your data will be protected according to the applicable statutory regulations.

We explain in our privacy policy how and when youdare will record, use and pass on your information as soon as you use our service. Youdare receives your information through our website, apps, email-notification and applications. As soon as you use one of our services you declare your consent to your information being received, transmitted, changed, saved, published or otherwise used according to our privacy policy. Irrespective of the country you live in or from which you provide information, you express your consent that youdare may use your information in the Federal Republic of Germany as well as in any other country youdare operates in.

1. Collection and Usage of Data


With the creation of a youdare account you submit your username and email address. Your username will be published through our service and will be shown in your profile and in search results. You can add and publish further information about yourself in your profile.

Dares, Dare proofs and other public information:

Our service allows you to create and to assess your own dares and to upload your own dare proofs. Through our service you can publish, like and comment on them.


This website uses Google Analytics, a Google Inc. (“Google”) service analyzing websites. Google Analytics uses so called “Cookies”, text files which are saved on your computer and which allow analyzing your usage of the website. The information gathered by the cookie on your usage of this website will usually be transmitted and saved to a Google server in the U.S. On behalf of the operator of the website, Google will use these information to evaluate your usage of the website, to put together reports on the activity of the website and to provide other services for the website operator related to the website and internet usage. The IP-address, transmitted by your browser to Google Analytics will not be merged with other Google data.

You can prevent the storage of cookies in the applications of your browser software; we however notify you that this will prevent you from being able to fully use all functions of this website.


Youdare server automatically record data produced by your usage of youdare. This data encompasses your IP-address, browser type, operating system, the website accessed before, visited websites, your location, your cellphone provider, your mobile device, search terms and cookie information. We receive your Log-Data as soon as you fully or partially access our services.

2. Changing of Personal Data

As a registered user, in your account settings you can access and change the personal data that you originally provided and which is connected to your account.

3. Agreement, Right of Rescission and Right of Objection

When we use data for a purpose that according to the statutory regulations requires your agreement, we will at all time ask for your expressed agreement and will document your agreement according to the data privacy law regulations. You can always revoke your given agreement with effect for the future and/or object future usage of your data for purposes of advertisement, market- and opinion research. In order to revoke your agreement or to exercise your right of objection a simple notification to us suffices.


We endeavor to securely save your personal data by resorting to all technological and organizational means in order to make it inaccessible to third parties. We cannot however guarantee full data protection when communicating with us through email. We therefore recommend sending confidential information by mail only.

Changes to the Privacy Policy:

When required we will amend the privacy policy at our discretion and make necessary changes. You will be notified about all changes. The usage of our service is subject to the latest version.

The latest version of our privacy policy can be found at http://www.youdare.com/privacy